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Nitrous Outlet

1/4" Solenoid Inlet Filter Screen - .112" Nitrous/ .122" Nitrous/ .310" Fuel

SKU: 00-50004-Screen

$6.99 USD
  • Keeps Large Debris From Entering Solenoid
  • Ensures Proper Solenoid Function
  • Fits 1/4" Solenoid Inlet
  • Fits .112" Nitrous, .122" Nitrous, and .310" Fuel Solenoids


This Inlet Filter Screen fits all .112" Nitrous, .122" Nitrous, and .310" Fuel Solenoids. While performing maintenance, and upkeep on your Solenoids, we always recommend checking the condition of your filters. If they need replacing, this filter is what you need!



We recommend using our Nitrous Outlet Solenoid Wrench (Part # 00-56001) when performing maintenance to your Solenoids to avoid crushing, or damaging the Tower when removing, or tightening.