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Nitrous Outlet

1/8NPT 90° Wet Nitrous Nozzle

SKU: 00-40000

$81.99 USD
  • Flows 250HP
  • 1/8th NPT
  • 3AN Fuel & Nitrous Fittings
  • Anodized Black & Laser Etched
  • Excellent Atomization

Improved Airflow:
This nozzle is proved industry leading atomization and used a precision machined knife edge body to improve airflow around the nozzle

Race Proven:
This nozzle used heavy duty fittings and is made from machined aluminum. This nozzle is frequently used in direct port system spraying 800+HP and provides industry leading atomization. Our newly designed jet fitting will accept jets from any brand.

The aerodynamic machining and 250HP flow makes this nozzle for any application.