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Nitrous Outlet

1/8" NPT Straight Blow Through Dry Nitrous Nozzle

SKU: 00-40503

$32.99 USD
  • Can Flow up to 500HP
  • 1/8" NPT Dry Nozzle
  • Machined Aluminum
  • Straight Blow Through

Race Proven:
This dry nozzle has an internal diameter of .156" and can flow up to 500HP of nitrous. This nozzle can be found on extreme racing applications and daily street cars alike. Unlike the other guys, who have 1/8" NPT threads but keep the 1/16" NPT inside orifice we have a true 1/8" NPT orifice all the way through.

Dry nozzles/system generally require more tuning than a wet system because fuel must be added through the vehicles standard fuel system. This nozzle can spray all the nitrous you need to deliver plenty of power for your application.