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Nitrous Outlet

1/16NPT 90 Extended Reach Wet Nitrous Nozzle

SKU: 00-40003

$87.99 USD
  • Flows 175HP
  • 1/16th Extended Reach
  • 3AN Fuel & Nitrous Fittings
  • Anodized Black & Laser Etched
  • 90° Discharge
  • Excellent Atomization

Extended Reach. This nozzle is specially designed to be used for applications where a longer body nozzle is needed especially direct port systems. Our newly designed jet fitting will accept jets from any brand.

Race Proven. This nozzle used heavy duty fittings and is made from machined aluminum. This nozzle is frequently used in direct port system spraying 800+ HP and provides industry leading atomization.

Application. This nozzle is ideal for direct port systems requiring a extended nozzle, but it can be used for any application where extended reach is necessary.