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NGK B9EFS (4 Steps Colder)

SKU: 11-1085

$3.99 USD
  • 4 Steps Colder
  • Non-Projected Tip
  • Nickel Alloy Tip
  • Sold Individually

4 Steps Colder This plug is has a heat range of 9 which is generally 4 steps colder than most applications. Check your vehicles recommended heat range to verify.

Spark Matters. Using the correct spark plug is a must for nitrous powered vehicles to ensure maximum performance and reliability. A good rule of thumb is to run one step colder plug per each 100HP added over stock. If you are unsure about what spark plug is right for your application contact a Nitrous Outlet tech specialist at 866-648-7637 and we will help you find the perfect plug for your application.

Application. This plug is 4 steps colder than most stock LS applications. This plug should be gaped at .032"