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Flo Supply

Rubber Insulated P-Clamps

SKU: 60-58254-1

$2.99 USD
  • Designed To Neatly Clamp Around Hose, Line, Wiring, Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter And More To Mount In Place
  • Universal Design Provides A Solution For A Wide Range Of Mounting Needs
  • Rubber Insulation Provides Protection From Abrasion, Vibration And Noise
  • Stainless Steel With Matte Black Finish
  • Adjustable I.D. Range In Inches

Product Description:
Flo Supply Rubber Insulated P-Clamps provide a mounting solution for a wide range of use. These insulated clamps can provide protection against abrasion, vibration and noise. P-Clamps are also the perfect solution mounting a fuel pump, fuel filter or other related products. Neatly route houses intended for fueling, Braking, and Vacuum. The possibilities are endless.