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Flo Supply

Catch Tank - Square/Rear Mount (1.5 Gallon)

SKU: 60-00100

$289.99 USD
  • 1.5 Gallon Capacity
  • Internal Baffling
  • Powder Coated Texture Black
  • Laser Marked with Flo Supply Logo
  • 7" Wide x 7" Deep x 7" Tall
  • .090 Thick Aluminum
  • 2" Diameter X 19.5" Tall Vent Stack
  • 2 Female 16 AN ORB Bungs
  • 2 Female 1/8 NPT Bungs
  • 4 Surface Mounting Tabs
  • 8AN Drain Valve

Product Description:

The Flo Supply 1.5 Gallon Catch Tank is designed for applications using alcohol or E85 blended fuels that produce increased condensation and require increased crank case venting.

This 1.5 Gallon tank has an internal baffle to prevent liquid slosh out upon vehicle acceleration. The tank dimensions are 7" Wide x 7" Deep x 7" Tall with a 2" Diameter X 19.5" Tall Vent Stack. The vent stack is designed to be cut to length per application fitment requirements.

Made from .090 thick aluminum with 2 female 16AN ORB bungs for hose fitting connections, 2 female 1/8 NPT bungs to be utilized for transmission or radiator over flow, 4 surface mounting tabs and includes a 8AN drain valve.

Powder coated matte texture black and laser marked with the Flo Supply Logo.

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