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Flo Supply

AN Push-On Straight Barb Union

SKU: 60-17000-04

$9.99 USD

Push-On Swivel Hose Ends are designed to be used in conjunction with Push-On Hose. These hose ends utilize a barb style nipple designed to provide a wedged step preventing the hose from coming off. 

Note: While utilizing the Flo Supply Stainless Steel Push-On Hose Clamp in conjunction with the Push On Hose End is not required it does provide an extra clamping force and is recommended.

The Push-On Swivel Hose Ends work in conjunction with the following Flo Supply hoses:

 Line Number Hose Description
Black Push-On Hose 


Product Instructions:

60-15XXX-XX Push-On Hose End Instructions