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Nitrous Outlet

BTR Equalizer Nitrous Spacer Plate Conversion

SKU: 00-42055

$1,129.99 USD
  • Designed to Fit The BTR Equalizer Intake Manifold
  • Bolts Between the Upper and Lower Intake Manifold
  • Direct Cylinder Feed Discharge
  • Precise Cylinder to Cylinder Distribution
  • Technically Balanced Discharge Ports
  • Machined from Billet Aluminum
  • Embedded O-ring Gasket Seal
  • Adjustable Power Increases from 70 to 350 Horsepower
  • No Spray Bars
  • Adds 3/4" Height to Intake Lid
Intake Spacer Plates
The Dual Entry spacer nitrous plates are designed to support horsepower gains between 70 to 350 horsepower. CNC machined billet aluminum with embedded O-ring gaskets, Jet fittings for nitrous and fuel are easily accessed at the front and the back of the spacer plates. These intake spacer plates will add 3/4” to the intake height.

Controlled Discharge
Unlike traditional throttle body plate and nozzle style nitrous systems that discharge an atomized mixture of nitrous and fuel before the intake plenum, these nitrous plates mount between the lower intake manifold and the intake manifold lid providing the ability to discharge a more precise and even atomized mixture of nitrous and fuel aimed directly into each combustion chamber.  

The Nitrous Outlet spacer plates require removal of the intake manifold lid for installation. These plates mount directly between the lower intake manifold and the intake manifold lid. They use embedded O-ring gaskets for sealing making it easy to install or remove.