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860 Performance

860 Performance LSX Universal Steam Vent Kit – Stainless Steel Braided Hose

SKU: 03-51000

$179.99 USD
  • Easy Installation
  • Billet Aluminum Distribution Block & Steam Port Blocks
  • 4AN Stainless Steel Braided Hoses With PTFE Inner Liner
  • Allows Water Circulation Through All 4 Steam Ports
  • Helps Prevent Pre-Detonation
  • Works In Conjunction With Standard And Tall Deck Engines


The 860 Performance LSX Steam Vent Kit utilizes the front and rear steam ports on the passenger and driver side head, allowing water flow through the ports and back to the radiator. This design prevents built up steam pressure which is known to create a rise in cylinder temperatures on #7 & #8 cylinders, causing pre-detonation.


Works in conjunction with a large majority of LSX Intake Manifolds. If your intake is not listed please contact tech support at 254-848-4300 to verify fitment.


Edelbrock Victor Jr
Edelbrock Super Victor
Edelbrock Pro-Flo
BTR Trinity
BTR Equalizer
CID Series
Mast Motorsports
Holley Single Plane Split Design
Holley Hi-Ram
Texas Speed Titan Series
Texas Speed Sheet Metal Series
Holley Snipper
Performance Design
Stock Plastic Gen 3 Truck
Stock Plastic Gen 4 Truck
Stock 78mm LS1
Stock 78mm LS6
Stock 90mm LS2
Stock 90mm LS3
Stock 90mm LS7
Stock 90mm L76
Fast 90mm
Fast 92mm
Fast 102mm
Fast 102mm LSXRT
MSD Atomic Air Force
Stock LSA Blower
Stock LS9 Blower


860 Performance LSX Universal Steam Vent Kit Instructions