Sponsorship Application

Nitrous Outlet recognizes the importance of supporting those who support us. We regularly partner with events and drivers of high-profile vehicles to help the company gain visibility and exposure at race events, shows and in magazine feature articles.


There are many drivers out there who are already winning with our product(s) that aren't sponsored or receiving any assistance. Explain to us why you should be a part of our team and what makes you stand out; highlight your accomplishments and achievements, what records you've set, races/championships you've won, how you're involved in the motorsports community, etc. If you are representing an event or race series we need to know car count, spectator attendance, current list of sponsors, online reach, etc. Ultimately we need to see how you are going to help the Nitrous Outlet brand continue to grow.

If you expect to send a one liner email with some pictures of your car and get discounted or free products in return, this sponsorship program is NOT right for you.

Want to throw your name in the hat to get sponsored by Nitrous Outlet? Read the information and follow the directions below.

 NOTE: All sponsorship inquiries go through an in depth review process to determine suitability. Based on the current best interests and initiatives of Nitrous Outlet, not all requests will be approved.

What should I include in my sponsorship proposal?

We get numerous sponsorship requests, so we adhere to a strict policy which requires potential drivers/owners and events to complete a formal, written proposal so that our review team can give each request the proper attention and consideration that it deserves. All proposals must include the following:

For racers/vehicle sponsorships
  • Your detailed plan on how you are going to convert your public interactions in to sales for Nitrous Outlet
  • A detailed build sheet
  • Information on who owns and drives the vehicle
  • Color pictures of the proposed project vehicle
  • List of products requested
  • Calendar of events/shows/exhibits where the vehicle will appear
  • Media exposure that will be generated. (Focusing solely on social media presence, YouTube videos, and internet fame will NOT earn you brownie points)
  • Examples of past editorial coverage that the company/individual has achieved
  • List of current sponsors and the sponsorship level
For Event and Race Promoters
  • A summary of the event, its history, and detailed information of racetrack and classes (if applicable)
  • Entry fee and winner payouts
  • Car count broken down by class
  • Facebook page, website, and any other digital/social media channels you work with
  • How many Nitrous powered vehicles attend the event
  • Sponsorship levels and the benefits to each level
  • List of current sponsors and the sponsorship level
  • Detailed venue layout
  • Any other information that would help us find your event worth the sponsorship investment

Submitting Your Sponsorship Proposal

All proposals and applications can be emailed to sponsorships@nitrousoutlet.com or snail mailed to the attention of the Marketing Director at:

Nitrous Outlet
305 S. 28th St.
Waco, TX 76710

Nitrous Outlet requires all persons or companies requesting products to agree to and abide by these sponsorship guidelines: 

  • Nitrous Outlet retains detailed files and signed documentation as evidence to support all sponsorships. We require monthly written follow-up summary reports that include photos of the vehicle at events, tear sheets of magazine feature stories, copies of ads/brochures/other promotional literature where the vehicle is featured, along with any other proof that demonstrates all elements of the sponsorship proposal have been fulfilled.
  • All products supplied for the sponsored vehicle must be used solely for sponsored vehicle and is not to be re-sold, transferred, held in storage or otherwise modified without the consent of Nitrous Outlet.
  • The sponsored vehicle must display a "Nitrous Outlet" decal on each side of the vehicle or a "Nitrous Outlet" windshield decal. We will work with you on exact placement of the stickers.
  • Replacement products will only be provided in the unlikely event of a manufacturer defect. Replacement requests for worn out products, products that fail due to driver negligence or theft will not be honored.
  • Nitrous Outlet must be included on all signage that appears with the vehicle, sponsor boards, and in all source box listings as follows: Nitrous Outlet, Phone: 254.848.4300, Web: www.nitrousoutlet.com
  • In the unlikely event that Nitrous Outlet does not receive adequate documentation as required herein within the specified time frame (i.e. 90 days of receipt of product) we require charge card information including the name of the person or company being sponsored. We reserve the right to charge full retail price for products that have been supplied on a sponsorship basis but do not meet the guidelines specified in our policy. Requestors agree up front that, should they not be able to supply documentation that they have fulfilled all specifics outlined in the original proposal, they will be charged for the product provided.
  • Nitrous Outlet also requires that the owner of each sponsored vehicle complete a feedback form so we can obtain quotes about your impression of the product, desired improvements, and reactions of others. Any of this information can be used for advertisements, press releases, and promotions.

If providing the above mentioned proposal and maintaining contact with updates and exposure reports seems like a lot of work to then this sponsorship program is not right for you. We expect that each sponsorship will be treated as a business agreement that is mutually beneficial for all parties involved. There are NO "BUDDY" DEALS.