Vengeance Racing C7 Corvette Install

I tip my hat to Nitro Dave and his crew @ Nitrous Outlet for producing yet another high quality nitrous system!! We have been a loyal Nitrous Outlet dealer for many years and we are always impressed with what Dave delivers. Quality/Fitment/Performance always exceed our expectations. To be quite honest Dave has such an outstanding product and reputation that certain competing nitrous companies have to GIVE their product to shops to get them to use their systems.

For anyone not familiar with our current modifications...

  • Vengeance Racing custom spec camshaft- VVT retained/DOD deleted
  • Vengeance Racing Dual Valvespring Kit
  • Vengeance Racing Hardened Pushrods
  • Katech C5R Timing Chain
  • Comp 850-16 Lifters
  • Comp Cams Trunion Kit
  • Comp Cams Phaser Limiter
  • American Racing 1 7/8 Longtubes with CATTED 3" X pipe
  • All tuning in house using Vengeance PCM

Next up was the Nitrous Outlet Plate Kit. Knowing fuel supply could be an issue we decided to go with a Nitrous Outlet dedicated fuel cell as well.

Our complete kit consists of:

Nitrous Outlet C7 Specific Plate Kit
Nitrous Outlet Stage III Accessory Pack
Nitrous Outlet Dedicated Fuel Cell
NOS Launcher- Fully Programmable progressive controller

All of these items can be found on our online store if interested.
Vengeance Racing

Here are a few pics of the system installed on our C7. We actually removed the gauge attached to the fuel solenoid after setting fuel pressure and tuning on the dyno for a cleaner look.

The dedicated fits perfectly into the driver/rear storage compartment for a stealth install 

Knowing that tuning the new Gen V LT1 was going to be different than previous Gen III/Gen IV LS engines/ECUs we started with a small shot and worked our way up...

35 Nitrous Jet and 18 Fuel Jet

112RWHP/136RWTQ gain

After reading plugs and reviewing the datalog we stepped up to a 52 Nitrous jet and a 28 fuel jet

169RWHP/197RWTQ gain 

We made a few pulls dialing in the set up above then read plugs and switched to 62 nitrous jet and a 33 fuel jet.

226RWHP/290RWTQ gains

At this point we are out of tuning capability with the ECU. If we get an update from EFI Live or HP Tuner before our blower gets here we will jet up once more to crack 800RWHP ( or a piston, whichever comes first)

We will get to the track as soon as we can get some decent weather. Monday it was -3* and today its 40* and pouring rain.....

Stay tuned for more results as we continue to push the envelope on our C7. Next up we are installing an ECS system and meth kit. To keep things interesting we plan to leave the Nitrous Outlet system on the car as well