How to Flow Consumption Test Your System

How to Flow Consumption Test Your System

Conducting a flow consumption test is the most accurate method of testing the nitrous system for flow restrictions. By verifying the amount of nitrous moving through the system in a set period of time you will be able to determine if your system components are capable of supporting your desired horsepower level.

When performing a flow consumption test we suggest bypassing all existing nitrous controllers and system wiring for accurate test results. This will eliminate the possibility of an electrical issue providing inaccurate test results.

To conduct a flow consumption test we will need the following items:

1. A digital scale

2. A full nitrous bottle

3. A stop watch

Flow Consumption Test Step By Step Instructions:

Step 1. Connect the main feed line to the bottle

Step 2. Place the bottle on the digital scale

Step 3. Purge all the air out of the main feed line

Step 4. Verify the bottle pressure is around 950 psi. We recommend keeping bottle pressure between 925-950 psi but never exceed 1000 psi.

Step 5. Write down the bottle's weight

Step 6. Taking the ground and positive wire directly from the nitrous solenoid to the battery fire the solenoid for 10 seconds.

Step 7. Record the bottles weight after making the 10 second blast.

Step 8. Using the formula 100 HP x 10 seconds = 1lbs of nitrous you can calculate if your system is flowing the correct amount of nitrous. For example a system that is supposed to be spraying 200 HP of nitrous should consume 2lbs of nitrous every 10 seconds.