5th Gen Camaro Replacement Fuel Line

5th Gen Camaro Replacement Fuel Line

Step 1:
Relieve residual pressure in the fuel system. This can be accomplished by
removing the gas cap and releasing line pressure at the Schrader valve.

Step 2:
Using a 3/8 fuel line disconnect tool remove the factory line from the fuel rail and the hard line coming from the fuel tank on the passenger side of the engine bay

Step 3:
Using a 10mm socket remove the nut holding the center support from the intake manifold

Step 4:
Attach the 2 supplied adaptors to the fuel rail and hard lines

Step 5:
Cut the 6AN hose to length and attach the two supplied 6AN 90* fittings to the

Step 6:
Install the supplied convoluted tubing around the braided hose to protect it from

Step 7:
Carefully route the hose behind the engine and attach at both ends

Step 8:
Turn the key to the on position, wait 10 sec, then turn key off. Repeat this
procedure twice to ensure the fuel rails are primed and at operating pressure.

Step 9:
Check for leaks