Kyle Brixey

The Ride of The Week goes to Kyle Brixey! Kyle started getting into racing when he was 16, Kyle has been around many styles of cars. From turbo AWD DSMs to a supercharged Grand Prix he back in high school. The TBSS was originally bought to haul his STI to the track but that escalated quickly! Once he moved to Texas it was all over, The turbo build started (Custom built by himself) and the SS got fast. Kyle just so happens to have the World’s fastest SBE TBSS and he also holds the fastest AWD TBSS record! Just converted to RWD to push the SS even faster. Using Our Plate setup to spray a 75 shot to spool the big 98mm. On the Thompson Motorsports 370ci with a TiAL Sport prototype 98mm his best was 9.8@145 mph. A hand full of runs on the 98mm so far. Kyle has also let me in that a Dart 427 Lsx will take the place of the 370 soon! Take in consideration the SS is 4800lbs with full interior. Congrats again Kyle Brixey on Being our Ride of The Week!