David Kopp

Congratulations! Ride of the Week goes to Team Luv Truck with their 1976 Chevy Luv. David L Kopp has over 10 years of racing behind the wheel of this Luv. This truck has gone through some major changes over the years and currently setup to run a 10.5 small block shootouts and local grudge racing. She comes packing with a EB3 Motorsports built and tuned 406 SBC, Dart block, Eagle Rotating assembly with custom EB3 Ross pistons and Dart heads. Behind that stands a Rogers Automotive built REID case power glide. The truck has only been running on a single stage in 2016 but they plan on running both the Nitrous Outlet fogger and Stinger II plate for 2017. Congrats again Team Luv Truck.