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 The Editor of Wide Open Lifestyles Magazine interviews David "Nitro Dave" Vasser!

What’s up Wide Open Nation! We have an exciting interview with one of the most interesting and influential men in the industry. “Nitro” Dave Vasser!! He is the president and CEO of Nitrous Outlet, the #1 supplier for made in America Nitrous products. Let’s strap in, arm the system, and spray the house down.

WO: Dave thanks so much for spending the afternoon with us. First question What inspired you to first use Nitrous as a power adder?

ND: Cost per Horsepower is what originally attracted me to trying Nitrous Oxide for the first time. Once I used it for the first time I was hooked.

WO: Over the years I’m sure you have had some wild customer setups, tell us about the most memorable.

ND: About 15 years ago a street racer asked me to hide a system inside his intake manifold. The demand for this system grew without advertising it. Years later a customer we had done this same system for called me talking about another racer he was racing and suspected he used nitrous. I looked the two customers up in our computer system and they both had the same exact system. Of course, I didn’t tell the guy that called but we had a good laugh about it at the shop. This system is known as the Money Maker System. 

WO: You are one of the most knowledgeable and influential people in the Nitrous world. How do the ideas for the groundbreaking products such as the ProMax controller come about?

ND: The ideas for new products usually come about when discovering a need while working on something else. Many of our exclusive product designs came about by tuning applications that had distribution issues due to products with dated technology. Our R&D department is always looking for a better way of doing something!

WO: That being said, are there any new products purging to the surface for Nitrous Outlet?

Our R&D department always has many things in process.

ND: A couple of items that are close to releasement are Our C8 Vehicles Specific product line, our new Hydra Multi Discharge nozzle for EFI applications, and light weight race specific bottle mounts.

WO: How did the term Boost-N-Juice first come about?

ND: We realized how well nitrous and boost work in conjunction with each other and created the Boost-N-Juice program. We use the program to educate and market the products we offer for boosted applications. The de-mand for nitrous on boosted applications continue to grow a great deal as performance enthusiast realize the advantages of using nitrous in conjunction with boost.

WO: What are the benefits of running Nitrous Outlet with a boosted application?

ND: Instant Boost, Decreased Intake cylinder temperatures, Improved air quality, and more power.

WO: Boost-N-Juice clearly isn’t a fad; can you give us a run-down of your power adder setup in “Stitch”?

ND: Stitch has a F1A-94 Pro-charger as its base power adder. To knock the air temps down and increase the overall power we use a Interspooler that injects nitrous into the air tube, and we have a direct port system on stand by for when we want to really get after it. This truck is a blast to drive!

WO: Street car takeover has a Boost-N-Juice class for 2021, running at five events this year. Can you shed some light on this class? And will we see “stitch” making a few passes?

ND: The Boost-N-Juice class is a great class for late model boosted applications that utilize nitrous oxide for optimum performance. We are planning to run Stitch at a few Street Car Take Over events this year. However, he does not fit the Boost-N-Juice class rules so we will run in a different class.

WO: If someone wants to get in touch with Nitrous Outlet what’s the best way?

ND: By phone is the easiest and quickest way to purchase products and or get world class tech support. Our number is 254-848-4300.

Thanks for tuning in Wide Open Nation, until next time. Remember keep it Wide Open!!!