The Fast Society

From the mind of David Ankin, master vehicle fabricator & star of ToyMakerz, comes the brand-new, high-octane digital series, THE FAST SOCIETY. Featuring some of the world's most incredible one-off racing machines, THE FAST SOCIETY offers an uncharacteristically real and dramatic window into the intense worlds of today?s street racing, Grand Prix cars, off-roading, motorcycles and drifting.

The extreme driving is showcased via an engaging storyline. Reid Carolina (Ankin) is an unparalleled stunt driver whose life went up in flames after an on-set accident involving an unscrupulous stunt coordinator. After a lengthy recovery, Reid is ready to start anew and re-opens his Speed Shop. But when the disgraced stunt coordinator whose life was also ruined by the crash finds out, Reid finds his path to redemption blocked at every turn.

Reid has only one path forward ? keep building the fastest rides that bring home much needed credibility and prize money. The stakes and tensions rise when Reid himself must demonstrate the righteous design and power of his machines, all while keeping clear of the law and his nasty nemeses.

Can Reid outrace and survive his demons as he rejoins the racing world? Will he stay true to his shop, son and loyal crew? Each thrilling 8-10 minute chapter of THE FAST SOCIETY serves as a stark reminder that nobody builds blazing fast street cars like Reid Carolina.