Ride of The Week 11/11/2019 - Loren Harper

Our standout winner for Ride of The Week is Loren Harper! Loren is a Supply Systems Analyst and a YouTube content creator who drives a 2014 Dodge Charger RT. His love for all things automotive started at a young age. He had a lifted 1987 Toyota pickup that liked to break down and he remembers him and his dad swapping the motor out of it during a snowstorm freezing their butts off. He has a love for cars because there is always something you can do to improve them, and he has a passion for working on them. When we asked Loren what got him into racing he said “I use to race motorcycles. I was involved in a bad accident which has limited the use of my left side. Never losing my passion I got in a car and continued my love for racing and building.” Before his Charger he had a Focus ST but was soon expecting another child and needed room for the car seats. He knew he wanted a V8 with enough room to fit three car seats, so the Charger was his vehicle of choice! Over the past year and 4 months Loren has been modifying his charger to his liking. He has added a P1sc1H ProCharger as well as our Mopar 85mm Hardline Plate System, that’s right his beast is rocking dual power adders! We asked Loren how his car handles and drives now that he has done some upgrades and he said “There is no other car that I have owned that drives like my charger. It always feels planted; with the upgraded Bilstein suspension it takes corners like a track car. It will burn the tires all through first and second. It’s just a car I love to be behind the wheel of!”. Be sure to check out Lorens YouTube and follow his build!