Ride of The Week 11/04/2019 - Todd Uhrbach

Todd Uhrbach is our Ride of The Week! His 1995 Z28 Camaro is rocking our Dual Stage 92mm Plate system! He has had his Camaro for 5 years now and is the second owner. The previous owner who is a friend of Todd’s received the car as a high school graduation gift and finally sold it him after years of Todd wanting to buy it. The car has gotten a recent drivetrain overhaul, so he has yet to make a pass with his new setup but on his old setup he went 10.89! His new setup features a 6-liter engine, Dart Pro1 heads, a Fast 92 intake manifold, our 92mm plate system and more! The car is still rocking its factory interior and suspension! Check out Todds Camaro below!