Ride of The Week 10/21/2019 - Skyler Hardy

Skyler Hardy and his coyote swapped ’92 Mustang walked away with the votes for Ride of the Week! He’s owned this Fox LX hatch for 18 years.  Back in 2001 Skyler was reading the paper when he saw an ad for a Foxbody for sale and thought to himself “I want it”, so long story short, he bought it.  The previous owner used the Mustang to tow his Sea-Doo jet ski around town, so it is safe to say Skyler has given this car a new life.  Over the years, Skyler has changed the setup to get it to its current state which is powered by a Coyote motor.  The Nitrous Outlet plate system is attached to his Bret Barber ported Boss 302 intake manifold and controlled by a ProMax progressive controller. To put the power down he paired his 5.0-liter Coyote to a Tremec 3550 5-speed transmission built by Hanlon Motorsports. He finished up his drivetrain with a built 8.8 rear end with Strange axles. When we asked Skyler to describe how he drives his car he said “I beat the snot out of it! I have a sticker on the back window that says #SendItINDY and there is a reason for it. I’m all about hard launches and not lifting!”.

Check out Skylers build on his Instagram! Add his @wingless92