Ride of The Week 10/14/2019 - Cody Summers

This weeks Ride of The Week winner is Cody “Breezy” Summers! Cody’s ride is a 1999 Chevrolet Corvette that he purchased from a friend in 2017. His friend had owned the car for about 5 months; Cody jokingly made an offer on it, but lo and behold his friend accepted it. Cody is the 10th owner in this Corvettes life but it is still in great shape and hurting more feelings than it should. Ever since he was a kid he had loved the C5 and racing in general. Growing up his family went to races to watch and hear the cars; it was their family outing. Once he purchased his ‘Vette he knew it was the car to get him back into racing. Over the years Cody has been modifying his car to make it unique to him and that includes adding a set of Weld S77 wheels, Texas Speed headers, and a Fast 102 intake. His car makes around 600 hp on a stock bottom end LS1 with a Thunder Racing Raptor cam and a Nitrous Outlet system. When we asked him what he most liked about his Corvette he said, “That’s it is simple and just works”. He enjoys beating on his car and putting it through its paces. In the future Cody plans to put a good rear end set up in the car and start taking it out to do some class racing. He wants to see how far he can push his stock bottom end as well as how quick he can go with a 6-speed transmission. Check out his car below!