Ride of The Week 10/07/2019 - Michael French

This weeks Ride of The Week winner is Michael French! Michael has owned his 1998 Chevrolet Z28 Camaro for around 4-5 years. He had previously owned a C5 Z06 but sold it as the car scene in Arizona was dying off. He got into the truck scene for a short time, but realized how much he missed racing. So, Michael ended up selling his truck to buy the Camaro which was owned by his roommate at the time. He quickly began to change the car; he added a built T56 to the already stroked engine as well as a Strange rear end. While he was happy with how it was, he wanted more so he added a Nitrous Outlet plate system and was spraying a 200 shot. After leaving it alone for a little while, he knew that if he wanted to “be a part of the big boys” he had to get rid of his 6-speed manual transmission. He decided to add a TH400 built by Justin Robbin of Outlaw Race Engines and the combo worked great! As with addiction, he needed more. He chose to use a 404ci power plant and would spin it to 8000rpm as well as adding a Stinger 3 plate system that is capable of flowing 600hp. He is also running our ProMax progressive controller to have the option to change up his progressive ramps on the fly. He runs the car at the track from time to time, but his true passion is in the streets of Mexico! His setup has been nothing but reliable on and off the track.