Ride of The Week 09/30/2019 - Ryan Sidock

This weeks Ride of The Week winner is Ryan Sidock! You might recognize his name from last week as he is a back to back winner! This week we asked him to do a little something different and just write something out for us and this is what he sent us.

“Throughout the years I have used several different nitrous companies. We started way back in the ICE days, then stepped up to Top Gun, NOS , And Nitrous Express . To this day no other company can compare to Nitrous Outlet, not just as a horsepower standpoint but their customer service is hands down the best in the business. Last season we brought out the Resurrection (Monte Carlo). This was the car that 5 years ago I was involved in a devastating accident with that broke my back, it took me about 8 months before I could walk on my own without a cane or walker after having a major back surgery! We rebuilt the car with the intentions of going real fast when we brought it back out. The only problem was, we didn’t have a good enough power adder to do what we wanted! In the mix of changing nitrous systems We came upon the opportunity to sell a Monte Carlo and that’s when we came across the cherry bomb. Once we bought the cherry bomb, we linked up with the folks over at nitrous outlet and told them that we wanted the baddest nitrous plate that they had!!!! So, they sent us the hornet 3 dual stage plate and when we installed that on the Corvette it was like night and day difference that car came to life. Since we purchased our hornet 3 plate, we have sold several of your systems at our shop. We are a firm believer in Nitrous Outlet power. If you want guaranteed power and reliability, Nitrous Outlet is who you want to use! Thank you for the great product guys! “


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