Ride of The Week 09/02/2019 - Jared Collins

Ride of The Week winner for this week is Jared Collins and his 2000 Mustang!  He had always been the guy helping at the track when a hand was needed, but about 4 years ago Jared decided it was time to get into the driver seat himself.  Jared was hanging around at his friends shop and one of the cars being worked on caught his eye - that car was the Mustang he now owns. It was a rolling chassis and needed some work, but Jared was excited and eager to get racing.  Once the car was in his possession, he went to work.  Collins wanted big block power and turned to Drummond Racecars out of Laurel Delaware to get his Ford big block done right.   Like most of us, he wanted more power and pulled the trigger on a Nitrous Outlet Direct Port system to feed his BBF all the nitrous it wants. 

To keep it a true “streetcar”, Jared left the full interior and “stock” suspension in place.  We would share what the car traps, but Jared races in his local N/T grudge series, so we respectfully have kept that private.  If you are in the Delaware area, keep an eye out for this mustang!