Ride of The Week 08/26/2019 - Kenneth Gulley

This weeks Ride of The Week winner is Kenneth Gulley! You might have seen Kenneth and his ’03 S10 named Bounty Hunter on “Street Outlaws: Memphis” on the Discovery Channel. Growing up Kenneth was raised around cars, his dad was always buying, selling, and tinkering on some kind of hot rod. He has had a passion for anything automotive his whole life; he and some family even made a track at his house that they would race cars and motorcycles on. Last year he had an unfortunate wreck the night before Father’s Day. He was doing some grudge racing with the 901 Boys and when he crossed the line he won. As soon as he was about to start loosening his seatbelt and turn around the other car hit him. Upon impact the truck began to turn over and roll 10 times.


Kenneth and his S10 were pretty banged up after that but that didn’t stop him. Six weeks after the wreck they had Bounty Hunter rebuilt and ready to race. There was no time to test the rebuilt chassis before the next event, so they went straight to the race. His S10 pickup is powered by a Smith Racing Engines built big block Chevy and fed by a Nitrous Outlet Hornet 3 Plate using two stages of nitrous. Both stages are controlled by the ProMax progressive controller.


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