November Ride of the Month

This Month’s Ride of the Month is Jose Zambrano! With his 2015 GMC Sierra that he bought brand new back in 2015. Jose grew up seeing his dad work on cars as a mechanic his whole life, being in the shop was basically a home to him. It was to no surprise that his passion and love for cars would grow more throughout the years. He is a self-taught racer like many car guys, by going to the track to see what he can do, learn and what to improve on. His truck has gone through many changes throughout the years starting life out as a 5.3L truck to now having a 6.2L under the hood has changed the feel of the truck. We asked Jose what was it that he liked most about his truck? “I like that I can still drive it as if it was my daily driver” This is something many of us can relate to, being able to daily your project vehicle is a feeling many cannot describe. Making up to 700HP with a Nitrous Outlet EFI Plate System, this single cab can definitely hold it's own at the track.
Check out his truck below!