August Sponsored Ride of the Month

This Month’s Sponsored Ride of the Month winner goes to Rad Dan Burkett and his 1995 MKIV Toyota Supra. Back in 2014 Dan was scrolling through Craigslist searching for the right Supra, which believe it or not he is always looking for Supra’s to buy. Finally, after searching for the right one, he acquired his current MKIV Supra.

We asked Dan, Why a Supra? “I obtained my Formula Drift Pro License and if you are going into FD, do it in your dream car” which we can agree with. Growing up in a farm in Washington State, young Dan didn’t start off from a traditional racing background, he could only dream of racing cars and learning as much as he could about building them. He hadn’t tried to pursue a motorsport career until he attended a Formula Drift round and that’s when his passion for cars grew even more. Once he felt the adrenaline, he decided that he needed to go after it. His Supra has evolved over the last 6 years, being rebuilt every season the current set up has surpassed its former set ups. Starting out life as a NA 5 Speed Supra, no one would have expected this car to turn heads, Dan definitely saw the bigger picture and it has come together. Running a 3.4L 2JZ with a Borg Warner EFR 9274 and a Nitrous Outlet Single Nozzle set up to help spool, it can definitely get down the track quicker than anyone can expect.

Check out Rad Dan’s Supra below! More pictures available on our Gallery.