Vengeance Racing C7 ZO6 170 MPH!

Vengeance Racing C7 ZO6 170 MPH!

The guys at Vengeance Racing have done it again! This C7 ZO6 is breaking records with some astonishing numbers.


  • Vengeance Racing Stage III Performance Package
  • Nitrous Outlet Spray Bar Nitrous System
  • Alky Control Dual Nozzle Methanol Injection System
  • Vengeance Racing E85 Flex Fuel System
  • RPS Triple Carbon Clutch Kit
  • RPM Level VII TR6070 Transmission
  • MGW Short Throw Shifter
  • Driveshaft Shop 1000HP Half Shafts
  • 360 Forged Wheel/Tire Package
  • LG Motorsports 15” Conversion
  • B&B Fusion Catback Exhaust
  • Anderson Composites Carbon Fiber Package
  • Custom Vengeance PCM ECU Calibration

This menacing C7 Z06 was purchased by Vengeance Racing to allow us to perform extensive research & Development on the new LT4 engine platform/E92 ECU. After months of testing various combinations we were able to develop some of the most powerful and reliable performance upgrades on the market. Our testing was not limited to just the chassis dyno. We have logged several thousand street miles in conjunction with many passes down the ¼ mile as well as ½ mile land speed competitions. Our C7 Z06 currently holds the record for fastest C7 Z06 in both the ¼ and ½ mile running 151.2mph in the ¼ and 170.7 in the ½ mile. Our test bed Corvette was also the first C7 Z06 to break 1000RWHP legitimately and did so on the stock GM LT4 short block & cylinder heads. Stay tuned for much more from this Z06 as we continue to push the envelope ensuring we are offering the best performance packages in the industry!

Boost only 779RWHP/812RWTQ
¼ Mile-10.02@151mph
½ mile 170.6mph (Boost Only)
½ mile 177.72mph (Boost & Spray)