Nitrous LSX RX7 Laughs in Your Rotary's Face

Nitrous LSX RX7 Laughs in Your Rotary's Face

The dilema. Piece together a new rotory engine with hard to find expensive parts and battle the list of common rotory problems, or stuff an all american horsepower factory into a light piece of Japanese ingenuity. As much as we love seeing rotories making huge power with an idle like a cammed V8 and the rev of streetbike, a blend of American muscle and Japanese automotive design make for one baddass ride. Chris Anderson's "Rxvette" is perfect combination of JDM styling and kick you in the balls American horsepower. Oh and it has nitrous, HELL YEAH!

"This Rxvette started out as a fun little build after a long bout with the rotary and contemplating building a rotary motor. One of the main goals of the car was be a fully street capable car with full interior and AC and be able to run 11's in the quarter mile. After easily obtaining 11's I found my self hunting for 10's and it was made possible with the nitrous outlet nozzle kit. Well its quite obvious what happens next, the hunt for the magical 9sec pass. Lately the car has been running more street events but with the plate kit and an upped shot of nitrous Rxvette should be seeing plenty of 9sec passes in its future."

-Chris Anderson "Rxvette"

 Here are the nitty gritty details:

  • 1989 Mazda RX7
  • 2001 Ls1
  • ls6 heads/intake
  • Hinsons Supercars swap kit
  • RPM 3 cam
  • 150HP shot Nitrous Outlet plate system
  • RPM 4l60e
  • Ford Racing Cobra 8.8
  • HKS Exhaust
  • Shine Auto Aero kit
  • SSR wheels/mickey Thompson ET streets
  • Stance Coilovers Suspension
  • Nardi Steering wheel
  • Tuned by Futral Motorsports