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Nitrous Outlet

Digital Nitrous Scale

SKU: 00-68000

$87.99 USD
  • Weighs up to 150 lbs
  • Stainless steel platform
  • Detachable LCD display
  • Weighs in LB, KG, LB/OZ

Monitor Your Nitrous. The best way to calculate how much nitrous in a bottle is to weight it using a precision scale. This scale accurately measures your bottles weight and displays the information on a easy to read LCD display so that you can calculate exactly how much nitrous is in a bottle.

Heavy Duty. This scale has a stainless steel weighing surface and is meant for heavy duty use. We use this same scale in our shop to measure bottles every day.

Application. This scale plugs into any standard wall socket and uses a 9V A/C power supply.