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Nitrous Outlet

1/8" Nylon Nitrous Tubing

SKU: 00-29500

$2.99 USD
  • 1/8" Seamless Nylon Tubing
  • Nitrous Line
  • Sold By The Foot
  • Used For Nylon Hose Direct Port Systems

Nylon Tubing:
This 1/8" nylon tubing is and is used in all of our nylon hose direct ports and is easy to manage and change with no bending required. This nylon tubing has a 1/16" inside diameter capable of feeding plenty of nitrous per cylinder to your engine. The walls are 1-32" thick and made from strong nylon material to withstand the pressure from your nitrous system. Sold by the foot, please enter the length in feet above.

Replacement Line:
This tubing is meant to replace damaged lines on your nylon hose direct port system. If you are piecing a nitrous kit together you will need the corresponding push lock fittings; part numbers 00-01560, 00-01561, and 00-01719.