Weekend Warrior Billet Bar Style Nitrous Plate


Nitrous Outlet adds the new X-Series Weekend Warrior 4150 Plate System to it’s inventory.

Waco, Texas - February 7th, 2020 - Keeping with its already well-established reputation as the premium nitrous product manufacturer, Nitrous Outlet has added a new carbureted plate system to its already mass inventory of nitrous products and accessories.

Listen to what Dave “Nitro Dave” Vasser has to say about the new X-Series Weekend Warrior 4150 Plate System...

“Our X-Series Weekend Warrior 4150 Plate System provides a max flow of 350 HP and is designed to work with a wide range of single and dual plane intake manifolds. The feed channel and discharge ports are designed to eliminate delivery pattern issues that other billet and tube spray bar type plates have.” Nitro Dave also explains... “The discharge angle is designed to flow downwards into the intake plenum to prevent interrupting airflow; however, the downward discharge angle is not aggressive enough to create uneven cylinder distribution on intakes with a short distance from the top of the intake runner to the carburetor flange. We know this system is exactlly what the carbureted racer needs to close the gap and dominate the class.”

Here are some of the X-Series Weekend Warrior 4150 Plate System specifications:

  • Nitrous Entry: Single
  • Bolt Pattern: 4150
  • Plate Thickness: .750”
  • Discharge Pattern: Discharging from the center/out across the plenum
  • Discharge direction: Downward angle exit from the billet bar
  • Discharge Location: .500" above intake flange
  • Jet Range: 50-350 Max Flow: 350 HP (1,260 PPH)
  • Atomization: 20 discharge ports per side (10x10). Nitrous on top, sprays down into fuel discharge. Engine vacuum pulls mixture into runner.

For more information and availability of the X-Series Weekend Warrior Plate System or questions regarding other Nitrous Outlet products, visit nitrousoutlet.com or call (254) 848-4300 and select option 1.

About Nitrous Outlet:

Nitrous Outlet, located in Waco, TX offers an expanding inventory of nitrous products and services for vehicle specific and universal applications. After years in the aftermarket performance industry as a part retailer and install shop Nitro Dave’s LLC launched Nitrous Outlet in early 2001 with the intent of providing customers with the highest quality nitrous systems and technical support in the world. Since 2001 Nitrous Outlet has continued to lead the industry by hiring well trained knowledgeable staff and by using race proven components in all systems and accessories. In 2005 Nitrous Outlet launched its own brand of nitrous systems and accessories.

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