Ride of The Week 12/16/2019 - Keath Sullivan

This week’s ride of the week winner is Keath Sullivan! Keath’s ride is a ’99 Camaro aka Scarlett that he purchased from a friend as a roller. When asked why he bought it, Keath response was “Man I just loved the red and wanted a car I could drive on the street to go eat and to work occasionally.” His love for cars started at a young age, seeing his grandpa tinkering with cars pushed him into doing the same. Keath has participated in a couple of true street events as well as a few no prep events. This ’99 Camaro is powered by a 6.2L V8, with 2 stages of nitrous. The first kit being a “fogger” kit or Direct Port System and the second kit is a Stinger III plate kit. The power is then transferred through a Powerglide transmission and puts the power down on a 8.8 rear end with Strange axles to be able to take the abuse. Scarlett’s best 1/8th mile is 5.72s. With all factory interior! Check out Keath’s the car below!