Ride of The Week 11/18/2019 - Cameron Marsolf

This week’s ride of the week was an interesting one as it ended in a tie, but after popular choice the ride of the week went to Cameron Marsolf 1978 Chevy Malibu. Growing up, Cameron has been a part of the motorsport’s community. His dad would take him to the track and that is where his love for motorsports grew and the drive to build his own car started. In 2013, Cameron bought his Malibu as it had a 25.5 cage and was at a great deal. This opened the opportunity for him to go faster and faster, it is powered by a 540ci Dart and fed with a Nitrous Outlet fogger system. This is then transferred through a Powerglide transmission and a TRZ housing with a Strang center section and down through the back tires. His best ET so far 5.16s at 132mph! Check out Cameron’s Malibu below!