Customer Service

To ensure that each customer gets a system that matches their exact specifications we only accept orders for direct port plumbing, spray bars, money maker, and custom fabrication over the phone. To get a quote for your system please call (866) 648-7637. Our average turn around time is two weeks. 

Direct Port Plumbing

Nitrous Outlet specializes in plumbing direct port applications. Our basic plumbing service includes product examination, leak testing and flow testing. We have a firm belief that not only should the system provide race winning results, but should also have a show quality finish. All direct port plumbing jobs include precise fitment with symmetrical plumbed tubing, matching fittings, and flared hard lines with B-nuts at each end. We often do custom fabrication to meet the exact needs for a customer including weld in injector bungs, custom rails, powder coated lines and/or b-nuts. We have a passion for creating high performing works of art that set records and look better than anything else on the market.

Direct Port Nitrous System

Intake Spray Bars

Next to getting a direct port, a spray bar is the next best way to inject nitrous into the intake. Our spray bars our custom to each intake and are drilled to direct flow to each runner of the intake for equal cylinder distribution. Spray bars are often used as the main method of injection, but are also a good alternative for adding a second stage to an intake, especially if you are already using a direct port system. Spray bars are generally used with carbureted intake manifolds like the Edelbrock Victor Jr and Super Victor, but can be installed on some late model intakes depending on their design. To find out more information about spray bars for your intake please call us at: (254) 848-4300.

Intake Spray Bar

Hidden "Money Maker" Systems

Nitrous Outlet is owned and operated by racers so we understand the need to keep your nitrous system hidden. We are the original creators of the hidden system in the intake and have perfected it to be reliable, powerful, and most importantly hard to find. We respect our customers choice to purchase a hidden system so we do not offer complete information on the system until the order is made by the customer. The system is capable of flowing 400+ HP, can be wet or dry, is undetectable, and can be installed on almost any late model intake manifold.

Custom Fabrication

In addition to installing direct ports, spray bars, and money maker systems Nitrous Outlet can fabricate rails, injector bungs, brackets, or anything else you might need to set your nitrous system apart from the rest. For specific request please call us at (254) 848-4300.