Nitrous Bottle Exchange Program

In an effort to rid the performance industry of old, out of certification, and abused nitrous bottles we have developed a program that will allow customers to exchange their nitrous bottle(s) for a credit towards a new Nitrous Outlet bottle with high flow valve. Any brand nitrous bottle is applicable for the program, but we will only be taking exchanges for 10lb and 15lb nitrous bottles. Customers who send in a 10lb or 15lb bottle will receive a $100 credit. The credits from the bottle exchange program can ONLY be applied towards the purchase of a new bottle. Only one credit can applied to each new bottle. To exchange your bottle please fill out and submit the form below and we will email you a confirmation code to send with the bottle. Your bottle must arrive with the confirmation code in order for you to receive the credit.

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. Print the email confirmation with confirmation number (Allow 1-3 days for processing)
  3. Ship your bottle with the confirmation email to us. Shipping Info
  4. Get a $100 (10lb)(15lb) credit towards a new Nitrous Outlet bottle.

*Only 10lb and 15lb nitrous bottles will be accepted, no other size bottles are applicable.

*$100 credit is applied to the retail pricing of new Nitrous Outlet brand bottles. No other sales or discounts are applicable.

Nitrous Bottle Trade In

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