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Direct Port System Plumbing

  • Nitrous Entry: Per Nozzle
  • System Type: Wet or Dry
  • Distribution Type: Rails or Blocks
  • Nozzle Types: 90? discharge, or Annular Discharge
  • Nozzle Materials: Aluminum, Stainless, or Titanium
  • Intake Type: Most Any Intake Manifold
  • Discharge Pattern: Discharge directly into each intake runner
  • Discharge Direction: Towards Intake Valve
  • Discharge Location: In each intake runner
  • Atomization: Jet-able discharge nozzles provide precise flow into each intake runner
  • Jet Range: 100-1000 HP (Dependent on Solenoid Configuration)
  • Max Flow: 1000 HP (Dependent on Solenoid Configuration)
  • Requires Custom Intake Machining
  • Please Call for Availability


    The Nitrous Outlet Direct Port System provides adjustable horse power levels from 100 to 1000 HP and is designed to install into just about any intake manifold.
    The unique design of the Direct Port System provides the most precise cylinder to cylinder distribution possible. The Nitrous and Fuel enter through the front and rear passage of the rail, filling the inner channel, feeding each hardline, flowing to each nozzle, and discharging directly into each intake runner. The nitrous and fuel jets are located at each nozzle, providing the capability to adjust the amount of nitrous and fuel volume into each individual cylinder. 

    Not only does the Direct Port system provide a really clean installation, but is a perfect option for the racer using a large amount of nitrous and needing the capability of individual cylinder tuning.


    How does the Direct Port System compare to an Inner Plenum Direct Port System or Plate System?

    • Direct Port:
      The Direct Port System is similar to an Inner Plenum direct-port application in the sense that it is discharging directly into each individual intake runner, allowing the ability to adjust nitrous and fuel volume per intake runner, however it is mounted on the outside of the intake manifold which makes jet changes easier.
    • Nitrous Plates:
      The Direct Port System uses a completely different technology than the Nitrous Plates, which are designed to bolt between the throttle body / Carburetor and intake manifold. Nitrous Plates are designed to saturate the intake plenums incoming air flow, allowing the engine to pull the atomized mixture into each intake runner and do not have the ability to adjust nitrous and fuel volume per intake runner.

    The Nitrous Outlet Direct Port System is custom built to each intake manifolds unique requirements. The Direct Port is designed to work with just about any intake manifold. The installation of the Direct Port System requires sending the intake manifold to Nitrous Outlet. Nitrous Outlet machines the intake and components, then installs them making sure that the discharge ports perfectly align into intake runner.

    Optional Upgrades-


    • Stacked Systems: Whether the application requires one system or 6 systems we got you covered


    • Nozzle Bungs: Bungs are needed on most intakes in order to use Annular nozzles.


    • Purge Hardline: Hard lining a purge solenoid between the nitrous solenoids provides a way to evacuate air out of the feed, all the way up through the base of the solenoids. Ridding the system of any delays or surges resulting in an improved 60 ft and ET at the track.


    • Fuel Hardline: Popular on most EFI applications, hard lining the fuel feed provides a nice clean installation.


    • Hardline Powder Coating: Powder coating the hardlines is a great way to add sex appeal and color to your intake manifold.


    • Intake Powder Coating: Sand Blasting and Powder coating the intake manifold is not only a great way to add sex appeal and color to the intake, but provides an easy to clean surface and a way to bring an old intake back to like new

    How do I get a Direct Port System Plumbed?
    Orders for the Nitrous Outlet Direct Port System are similar to our Blower Spray Bar, Puck and Inner Plenum Direct Port installation process. You will need to contact a Nitrous Outlet sales representative. The sales rep will work one on one with you to build a quote based upon your exact needs and intake manifold design. Once you approve the quote the sales rep will need some info from you to fill out a fabrication sheet, then provide you with a fabrication order number to write on the box when your intake manifold ships to Nitrous Outlet. Once your intake arrives to Nitrous Outlet the sales rep will contact you to let you know it arrived safely and to go over any final details. When the fabrication department and intake specialist are finished building your system the sales rep will contact you to finalize your order for shipment back to you.


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